Earwax Cleaning in Worcester, MA

Earwax protects the ear from damage and infections, but when it builds up too much, it can lead to pain, dizziness, and other hearing problems. A common misconception is to use a cotton swab to clean out your ears; this is actually very harmful it’s best to seek medical attention when ear problems arise. At AFC Urgent Care Worcester, our physicians can assess your ear and use safe methods to remove excess wax.
Some Symptoms of ear wax buildup may include:

  •        Fullness in the ear
  •        A clogged sensation
  •        Partial hearing loss
  •        Ringing, or noises in the ear
  •        Itching
  •        Odor
  •        Discharge
  •        Coughing
  •        Earache

At AFC Urgent Care Worcester, we provide ear cleaning services on a walk-in basis, seven days a week.