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About the COVID Vaccine

AFC Urgent Care Worcester is prepared to safely and efficiently administer the COVID vaccine to all eligible patients. With regulations put in place by state and local governments and limited supplies, only certain groups of patients are currently eligible. Please refer to the list provided by to see what phase is currently eligible

Please schedule your vaccination appointment using the button above. For scheduling purposes, please keep in mind the vaccine does require two doses spread apart. If there are no times listed at the link above, that means there are none currently available. Check back frequently, as cancellations do happen. 

Vaccine Phases in Massachusetts

Phase 1

(December 2020 – February 2021)

Phase 2

(February-March 2021)

Listed in order of priority:

Not yet Eligible:

  • Other workers, including:
    • Public health workers
    • Volunteers
    • Transportation workers
    • Court system workers
    • Funeral workers
    • Manufacturers 
    • Shipping port workers

Please refer to for more specific types of workers who are under this eligibility. The list also includes specific medical conditions. 

Phase 3

(Starting April 19, 2021)

Beginning April 19th, the vaccine will be available to the general public. This includes:

  • Higher education workers, including administrators, teaching and non-teaching staff;
  • Bottled beverage industry workers;
  • Veterinarians

Vaccine FAQ

Q. When is the vaccine coming? 

A. The COVID vaccine is now available for specific groups of individuals in the state of Massachusetts. It was approved by the FDA in late 2020. 

Q. Who is eligible for the vaccine? 

A. Due to limited supply of the vaccine, distribution is only available for specific groups of people. Please refer to the list above, or the information provided by the state of Massachusetts to see if you are currently eligible

Q. What are the policies for seniors? 

A. Those above 55 or older are currently eligible for the vaccine. The policy is the same as all other patients. Please use the link above to register for your appointment, and visit AFC Urgent Care Worcester at the time of the appointment. 

Q. Is the vaccine safe? 

A. The COVID vaccine is safe for public use. It is the safest way to fight off the COVID illness, just as the flu shot is the safest way to protect against getting the flu. For more information, please speak with a medical provider, or visit the CDC’s website for vaccine safety information

Q. What do I need to do to get the vaccine? 

A. All patients need to book an appointment using the link above or on our homepage. Please fill out the relevant information and pick a time to come in to receive the vaccine. 

Q. Where can I sign up and get the COVID-19 vaccine near Worcester, MA?

A. Patients can register to get the vaccine using AFC Urgent Care Worcester’s website. We currently communities in serve Worcester, Auburn, Leicester, Holden, and other surrounding Massachusetts towns.