How to Keep Children Safe Around the Pool

The pool is a great place to enjoy the water and make great memories while having fun. Kids love to be in the pool, whether they are playing with squirt guns, swimming pool balls, or merely splashing to cool off. Pools can also be a dangerous place for kids if certain precautions are not taken. A pool is as safe as you make it. Safety should be a factor that is always emphasized when kids are around swimming pools. Let’s take a look at some crucial pool safety tips to keep kids out of harms ways.

Put Up a Fence

It doesn’t matter the kind of pool that you have at home, it’s wise to put up a fence when you have wandering kids who move quickly and quietly. Before you realize it, it’s too late to avert disaster. Surround your pool with a fence, and according to, it should be at least 4 feet high and completely surround the lake, separating it from the house and the rest of the yard. Ensure that there are no openings for your kid to crawl or squeeze through. Consider self-closing and self-latching pool gates that enhances pool safety.

Don’t Leave Kids Alone in or Around a Pool

Your child may be a master swimmer, and you may feel strongly that your child is capable of handling himself/herself in a pool. Regardless, it is careless to leave kids alone in or close to the pool, even for a short period. Don’t do it, not even for a minute. Kids will be kids; they don’t always know the danger, and they could try to do things that you’ve instructed them not to do. Leaving your kid alone could be disastrous. Remember, kids, don’t usually yell for help when drowning, and it takes only a few quick seconds for a drowning to occur.

Have Rescue Gear on Hand

It’s best to be prepared than not, and having rescue equipment ready by the pool could be a life-saver. A rescue gear can include items such as a shepherd’s hook or life hook, rope floats, first aid kit, ring buoy, and rescue tube. Have your cell phone nearby when you are at the pool.

Practice Touch Supervision

Keeping your kid within arm’s reach is something that parents should always practice when taking the kids for a splash. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, an adult, preferably one who can swim and perform CPR, should be within arm’s length of a child, providing “touch supervision.” It helps to be close enough to reach out and touch your kid at any given moment, whether in or around a pool.
Drowning can happen at any time, even with supervision. It’s essential to take the necessary precautions to keep kids safe when it’s pool fun-time. Make pool safety a priority because your kid’s life could depend on it.