Be Prepared To Fight Fall Allergies

If you have seasonal allergies or all year around allergies then you know now is the time when your fall allergies will start to kick in! But don’t let this year be like all the other years before, get ahead of fall allergies! AFC Urgent Care Worcester is here to help give you some pointers on how to keep your allergies at bay & make sure you enjoy the beautiful fall season!

Stay Ahead Of The Game

Although you may think of these allergies as “fall” allergies they actually start at the end of the summer! So don’t wait until the end of November to start taking your medication! Most fall allergies actually start in late August & do not stop until about late December! You should start taking your allergy medication about 2 weeks before you expect to start feeling side effects from allergies.

Pay Attention To Mold

Mold is the leading cause of sickness & allergies! Mold can grow anywhere water is. Make sure to inspect areas, where water may be pooling up such places, could be:

  • Shower
  • Sinks
  • Toilet
  • Stove
  • Basement

If you see water dripping don’t ignore it because if the temperature in your house gets to above 60 degrees this could cause mold! There are many types of mold all of which we are allergic too.

 Fend Off Pollen

Beware of Ragweed! Ragweed is an extremely common weed that can be found in plants, grass, common areas outside near trees. A good way to combat ragweed is to leave your shoes at the door. Do not wear your shoes inside because all you will be doing is potentially spreading pollen all over the inside of your house. If this happens then you are letting pollen flow throughout your house!

Be Mindful When Doing Outdoor Chores

When you are doing outdoor chores such as mowing the lawn or raking leaves you have to think about the exposure you may get. A good idea is to wear a mask when doing chores. Some mask is specifically made to prevent pollen from entering your airway.

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