Turkey Carving Safety

Thanksgiving is right around the corner & AFC Urgent Care Worcester would like to wish everyone a happy holiday! Thanksgiving is a time when you get together with family & friends to enjoy an amazing meal. One of the best parts about Thanksgiving is Turkey! However, cooking the Thanksgiving turkey can be a very challenging task that most of us take pride in. Every year hundreds of people come into urgent cares with turkey cooking-related injuries. Read more to take some tips on how to avoid injuries when cooking a turkey!

Keep your knives sharpened

If you are cutting a turkey with a dull knife you run the risk of cutting yourself. The dull knife can possibly make you put in more force into the knife. If you put more force into the knife it can slide off of the turkey & violently go into a direction that you weren’t expecting the knife to go. This can lead to lacerations of the hand or someone’s body part that is around you. You can sharpen knives by buying a knife sharpening kit or just by using new knives that you have recently purchased.

Make sure to keep an eye on the oven

Turkey needs to be cooked in the oven for hours & when dealing with the oven you need to be sure that you are mindful of that. An oven comes with extreme heat & if you are not careful you can do a lot more harmful things than just overcooking the turkey. If you overcook the turkey enough you set the possibility of setting off smoke in your house. This could make a dangerous situation for everyone in the house.

Watch out for your kids

When thanks giving cooking is going on in the house, for most of us the house is packed with a lot of family. The best thing to do when preparing the turkey is too keep the kids out of the kitchen. You do not want to be cutting the turkey & have a kid run into you or have something slip out & hit the kids.