Flu Shot Awareness

Flu season is just around the corner which means you’ve likely seen ads, signs, and internet posts about the flu vaccine. Many people chose not to get the flu shot each year merely because they don’t understand the importance of the shot, but we’re hoping to change that this year! Let’s take a closer look at who should get vaccinated, why it’s so important, and what the vaccination does to protect yourself and those around you.

Who Should be Vaccinated?

Anyone over the age of 6 months is eligible to receive the flu shot. People 65 and older receive a different version of the shot, but they should still get one. Pregnant women are encouraged to get the shot as well, especially since you’re more likely to contract an illness while pregnant. If you’re afraid of needles, there’s a needless nasal option for those aged 2-49 years old. Insurance companies cover the cost of the vaccine in full, but there are also programs in place in each county for free flu vaccines. What does all of this mean? To put it just, there’s no reason not to be vaccinated! Nearly everyone is eligible, and the quick shot or nasal spray will protect you all season long.

Why Should You Be Vaccinated?

The better question to ask is why shouldn’t you be vaccinated? The flu shot has no side effects for most people, but those who do report symptoms only suffer from a sore throat or a runny nose for 1-2 days. Vaccination leads to less sick days from work and school, fewer trips to the doctor, and fewer cases of the flu nationwide. Getting vaccinated not only protects yourself but everyone around you. Your friends, family members, coworkers, and even people you come in contact with in the outside world, will all be thankful that you received your vaccination this year. It’s important to encourage those around you to receive their flu shot as well to further protect everyone around them as well.

The flu becomes an epidemic each year in the US, and the only reason for that is the lack of people receiving vaccinations. If we all educate ourselves and make the short trip to the walk-in clinic, doctors office, or pharmacy, we can put an end to the spread of such an easily preventable virus. If you have any questions or hesitations about receiving your flu shot, your doctor or another medical professional will be glad to answer them.