How to stay away from sunburn this summer

Summertime is in full effect & most of us are outside enjoying the weather. When we are trying to have some fun in the sun it is very common to forget about the risks the suns rays have. Did you know sunburn is responsible for the most frequent form of skin cancer? Melanoma cancer is mainly caused by a repetition of sunburn over the course of someone’s life.

What causes sunburn?

The suns light is a form of radiation. The sun’s rays has 3 forms of UV light

  • UVA
  • UVB
  • UVC

only two of these rays make it to earth’s surface (UVA, UVB). Prolonged exposure to these 2 rays can give a radiation burn. A burn can vary on the amount of time you’ve been in the sun & the skin type that you have. Every time you get a sunburn your chances of getting skin cancer triple!

Types of sunburn

A mild case of sunburn will include

  • redness on skin
  • ichy skin
  • thirst
  • peeling

If you have these symptoms you should try to cool off your skin by putting ice packs on it. Afer that using a lotion or moisturizer will help repair your damaged skin cells. A lotion infused with aloe will also help with soothing with the pain of the burn.

An intense case of sunburn will include

  • Sun poisoning
  • High pulse when standing up or  sitting down
  • Fatigue
  • Blackout
  • blisters with puss

If you have any of these symptoms go to your nearest urgent care immediately.

How to prevent sunburn

Sunburn can be prevented by using sunblock. On sunblock, it will have an SPF number. This indicates the number of minutes you need before reapplying the sunblock. However, if you are swimming, exercising, or sweating you will need to reapply every 15-20 mins no matter what.; sunblock does wear off.

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