June is National Men's Health Month

shutterstock_557001508 (1)Every June is Men’s Health Month. The purpose of Men’s Health Month is to raise awareness about the health issues men are most susceptible to. On average, men live five years less than women do in the United States. While men are considerably more vulnerable to a number of different illnesses, women also visit their primary care physician two times more than women.
This month, try to encourage the men in your life to visit their primary care physician on a regular basis. This helps your doctor diagnose a potentially life-threatening illness in its early stages, possibly saving your life. Check out the below health tips regarding men’s health:

  • In the 1920’s women only live one year longer than men on average
  • Men suffer from hearing loss two-times more than women
  • Men suffer from depression at a higher rate and commit suicide four times more
  • 32.6% of men over 20 suffer from hypertension
  • 34.5% of men over 20 are obese

This Men’s Health Month, try to be more aware of your health and your family’s health. We at AFC Urgent Care Worcester can be your family’s medical resource for all walk-in needs, including illness and injury treatment. For more information, call us at 508.755.4010.