Your Seasonal Allergies Checklist

amaryllis plant with pollen on itAfter a New England winter, there’s no way to describe the incredible sensation that we all feel on the first nice day of spring. With the snow gone, everyone can once again return to their favorite outdoor activities, whether it’s kayaking, golf, cycling or going to the beach. With all that said, spring can be miserable for the 30 million Americans who suffer from spring allergies. Once the weather warms up, trees, flowers, plants, grasses and weeds all begin to release pollen into the air, which is the number one culprit of spring allergies.

As we approach May, the pollen count will inevitably rise, leaving those with allergies vulnerable to a number of undesirable symptoms. However, you can still enjoy spring if you simply follow our helpful spring allergies checklist.

The below tips will ensure that you won’t have to spend your entire spring indoors. Start enjoying your spring today!

1. Begin Spring Cleaning

While spring cleaning’s recognized as a productive activity mostly for its benefits relating to the removal of excess clutter, it also provides you with allergy benefits. Because pollen attaches itself to your clothing, furniture, shoes and rugs, by clearing out excess clutter, you’re removing additional surfaces where pollen can collect. By using a HEPA vacuum or a sanitizing cleaning agent, you’re effectively ridding such surfaces and furniture of pollen.

2. Don’t Wear Shoes at Home

Because pollen can collect on your shoes, try to avoid wearing shoes inside your home. You’re also inviting a number of germs into your living space when you wear shoes at home, so try following this tip all year round.

3.  Check the Pollen Count Outdoors

Some days, the pollen count may just be too high for people who suffer from seasonal allergies. On these days, it may be best to just stay indoors if you want to avoid your allergy symptoms. To check the pollen count, check out this helpful allergy tracker.

4.   Keep Your Windows Closed

It may be tempting to roll down your windows on a sunny day while you’re on the road. It may also be tempting to open your windows at your home to get some fresh air circulating. However, this can also aggravate your allergy symptoms as it’s inviting pollen to permeate every nook or your home.

5.   Begin Taking Your Allergy Medication Early

While allergy medications, such as antihistamines won’t cure you of your allergies or even prevent symptoms, they do strengthen your body’s defenses against allergies. Although the pollen count’s currently low, taking your allergy medication now will prevent you from experiencing overwhelming symptoms once the pollen arrives in full force.

For allergy relief, visit us at AFC Urgent Care Worcester. We can help diagnose your seasonal allergies and provide you with the medication you need to get through the spring with minimal symptoms. For more information, call us at 508.755.4010 or visit us any day of the week – no appointment necessary!