What are the Most Common Urgent Care Injuries & Illnesses

As a walk-in clinic, we provide our patients with a number of different medical services. When a patient visits us with a sudden and potentially dangerous injury or illness, our board-certified physicians are readily available to deliver top-quality treatment. Our team’s combined experience in medicine allows us to treat a wide variety of injuries and illnesses. We see a diverse collection of afflictions on a monthly basis, however, there are a few urgent care injuries/illnesses that we see most often.

Sports Injuries

The seasons largely dictate what specific types of sports injuries we see, considering how certain sports are somewhat specific to the season. For instance, during the winter, we see many hockey-related injuries, which typically consist of bruising and muscle aches. Our on-site lab, which includes a full-service x-ray machine, allows us to diagnose a number of these sports injuries.

During the winter, we even see swimming/diving related afflictions, such as swimmer’s ear as well, seeing as they’re in season during the winter. To treat the infection, our physicians will prescribe antibiotics, which will significantly expedite the healing process.

Throughout the summer, we treat a number of patients experiencing light-headedness and dehydration due to the heat. Our physicians will administer the patients re-hydration fluid to help them feel 100% again.


The dreaded flu season lasts from October to as late as May certain years. It induces symptoms ranging from intense headaches to sweltering fevers. At AFC Urgent Care Urgent Care Worcester, we administer walk-in flu shots anytime during flu season.

If a patient fails to get a flu shot and experiences flu symptoms, we can help alleviate some of its symptoms. While only time and a strong immune system heals the flu, if necessary, our physicians can prescribe medication to fight off its symptoms.


Most cuts or lacerations our center sees are from patients accidentally cutting themselves while they were cooking. Open cuts should be cared for promptly, seeing as they make the body vulnerable to a number of harmful bacteria, which may lead to an infection developing.

AFC Urgent Care Urgent Care Worcester is here to treat any cuts or lacerations, as we can stitch up your wound – with no appointment necessary! To take advantage of our services, visit us any day of the week during out business hours. To speak with one of our medical professionals, call us at 508.755.4010!