Is it Safe to Play in the Cold?

Winter Storm Jonas may have been the only winter storm to hit the North East with significant force to date this season, but that doesn’t mean ‘Ol Man Winter is taking it easy on us.  For those of you that took advantage of the fresh powder Jonas brought with it, “ski season” was lacking a bit.

Whether you went skiing, snowboarding, sledding or even shoveled your driveway into a mini fort, keep in mind your body uses energy to try and keep warm as a natural reaction to the cold weather.  The cold winter air can cause dehydration.  Bring water to carry with you if you do any outdoor winter activity and pace yourself, avoid perspiring or becoming too overtired, your body is already working hard to stay warm.   Do not leave areas of the skin exposed to the cold, you do not need to “cool off” when it is cold out.

No matter the temperature, cold weather puts an additional strain on your heart and if you have previously been diagnosed with a heart disease or high blood pressure, it is critical to follow your doctor’s advice.  If you are unsure if your medical state allows you to exhort energy during the cold season, visit AFC Urgent Care Urgent Care Worcester to receive a physical today.  Please, remember to dress warmly, work slowly, and drink plenty of water.  If you have any questions, call and (508) 755-4010 speak with a board-certified staff member any time during our extended clinic hours.